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DIY indoor garden
DIY Indoor garden plot

    Living in Shanghai, if live a house with big garden. That must be villa. Actually, I don’t live in villa, I also can make indoor garden plot in my house. DIY it…. Yes. I do it.

Our balcony is my garden. Add colors and life to the front porch of my house. Buy and bring some different flowers and vegetable from market or countryside.  Such as tomatoes, rose, China rose and so on.


    Generally, I stock different colors pot in our house and every season. Getting rain water in one high pot, in this way, I can water all flowers and vegetables by rain water not tap water. Rain water is natural without any chemical. It will help flowers and plant to grow up.

    Seeding all seeds in large pot, moving each one in single pot one by one when they are shooting up, sunning and watering in time, sometimes adding some fertilizer to help them grow. Different season, different flowers are booming.

    Key points on planning in home:

1.       When seeding, put fine soil to help the seeders to shooting up.

2.       Moving large pot to small pot. Put some dry on bottom and marsh on top of small pot

3.       Watering all flowers and vegetable by rain water not tap water. As tap water have much more chemical. It will hurt the plant’s root.

4.       Fertilizer, not the” the more adding, the better growing.” Different plant’s have different feature.


    I also buy some flowers in a transparent and beautiful vase. Such as lily, setose asparagus, rose and so on.

    In order to keep the flowers booming in long time. I always use rain water not tap water and put some salt in water. After each 3days, cut the ends of the scape.

    DIY small garden indoor, it brings me not only different colors in different seasons, but also the gardening in home.